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The lobsters we send to you are first hauled from the ocean in traps by independent fishermen who work through even the challenging Maine winters. The lobsters are then brought to Graffam Bros. Seafood Market.

There we keep the lobsters in special refrigerated holding tanks. The same fresh saltwater that the lobsters grew up in is constantly pumped through the tanks and kept at exactly the right temperature.

Then we carefully check your order and hand-pick your lobsters according to your instructions. We carefully pack the lobsters with "cold packs" into insulated, leak-proof containers. This makes for absolute freshness and easy handling.

From our market, your order will be shipped by overnight delivery via FedEx or UPS to your home.

Like we said, when you serve your lobsters to family and friends at your own lobsterbake, they will taste every bit as good as if you had come to Rockport and eaten them here.

Come to think of it, the only thing you don't get with our lobsters and seafood is a view of our beautiful, historic harbor. You have to come here for that.


The Graffam Brothers Story

Our family has been shipping live Maine lobsters to lobster-lovers all over the world since the 1940s. We're getting pretty good at it by now.

We think that it's important to say that. It means you're getting lobsters that will taste every bit as good wherever you are when you eat them as they would have just after we plucked them from the cold clear water off the coast of Maine.

They start out as the world best tasting lobsters, and we make sure they stay that way.

So, you get to enjoy the real taste of Maine no matter where you are.



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1-800-535-5358 to place an order by phone or ask more about our products and services.   Store hours, Monday to Saturday 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM Eastern.   Shack hours vary by season.  Please call for hours.

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